Why Naïve?

Smartphones are the tools we use to express ourselves – so shouldn’t your phone itself be part of that expression? 

Naïve is more than just another smartphone accessory brand. From our creative HQ in beautiful Stockholm, we are a proudly Swedish brand making moves worldwide. 

You’ll find no mass-produced, low quality goods here – we pour every bit of our passion (and there’s a lot of it!) into designing truly unique smartphone accessories that resonate with artistry and finesse.

We are delighted to be different. By celebrating personalisation and focusing on quality, function and design, we make our dream real. We love that you choose to dream with us, and know the pride we feel in creating Naïve products will be mirrored in your sensations when using them.

Play Your Part

Your support means the world to Naïve – any issues will be resolved with a winning smile, and every bit of feedback you share will help further refine our offering.

Power in Personality

With print-on-demand options for all products, we actively encourage you to breathe life into your new Naïve accessory as you discover fresh ways to perceive your smartphone and world around you.

We partner with renowned designers and creators to excite you with new ways to accent your smartphone. Our creators receive commission on every sale so, when you express yourself with Naïve, you also celebrate the expression of others. Nothing could make us happier!

Every Naïve production is a union of quality, function and design. From magnetic cross-compatibility to hard case wallet and car mount attachments, no detail is overlooked. And with custom name, colour and design printing, your productivity and creativity is sure to shine. 

Ethical Essence

Every Naïve product meets the highest EU and REACH environmental production standards. 

We pledge to minimise our carbon footprint – and support like-minded initiatives wherever possible – as we help protect this beautiful planet on which we’re lucky to express ourselves.


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