As described in our Privacy Policy, third parties and we use cookies and other third-party tracking technologies to collect certain user behaviors and analytics, improve (the “Site”), and analyze our marketing and its effectiveness. This cookies policy (“Cookies Policy”) describes what cookies are, the types used, who set them, how long they stay on your browser, and how you can remove or block them from your browser/device. 

By accepting the cookie pop-up when you access the Site, you consent to our use of cookies in relation to our products and services (our “Services”). We reserve the right to update this Cookies Policy without notice to you. Please, ensure you review this page frequently to watch out for changes. Any and all changes will be posted and reflected by changing the date indicated above. 

For any concerns, questions, queries, or inquiries regarding this Cookies Policy, please reach out to us via our email address at


Cookies are tiny text files that websites download to your device browser to obtain certain preferences about you in order to remember your browser for future logins. This will help the website to identify your browser when you come back to it. 


In the case of the Site, we use cookies to improve user experience, including the artwork creators, customers, and visitors. Other uses of cookies include: 

  • To remember a browser and the preferences stored by the user;
  • To allow users to be able to accept and reject cookies on their first visit to the Site; 
  • To gather analytics and how users navigate on the Site;
  • To save items in customer’s cart;
  • To personalize users’ use of the Site and improve their experience; and
  • To make user navigations on the Site possible. 


Cookies are of two durations: either it’s a session cookie or a persistent cookie. While a session cookie exists only when you use the Site and expires when you close it, a persistent cookie lasts for much longer. Persistent cookies have set durations, and they only expire on their set expiry date or when the user opts-out or deletes the cookie manually. 

In order to improve your user experience, we use secure/HttpOnly and analytics cookies. They are described below:

  • Secure/HttpOnly Cookies: These cookies are a type of HTTP cookies with secure features. They limit the scope of the cookie to secure channels only.
  • Analytics Cookies: These cookies are used by our third-party analytics provider to gather anonymous data about how users use the Site, including the pages you visit and how long you stay on these pages. 


As described in the introductory part of this Cookie Policy, NAIVE and third-party service providers set cookies. The cookies set directly by us are called “first party cookies,” while those set by third parties are called “third-party cookies.” Third parties, such as our payment processors, analytics providers, advert agencies, and other vendors who work for us, set cookies to provide their services for us. For example, in order for Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. to gather analytics and help us tailor ads to you on other websites, they require cookies to identify your preferences and behaviors. 


In addition to cookies, our third-party ad servers and marketing partners may also use other tracking technologies such as Pixel tags. Pixels contain tiny images that are delivered by users’ web browser or email. For example, our partners use Pixel tags to identify if a user clicks our ads on their platforms or if a user opens our newsletter. Pixel tags are set by Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. when they serve ads on our behalf. Mailchimp, our email sender, may also use beacons to help us identify which user opens our newsletter. 


We use third-party tracking tools, such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to gather analytics data and how users behave on the Site. These tools gather this data through the use of third-party cookies. You can opt-out of Google Analytics tracking by installing a Google Analytics opt-out add-on on your browser. 


If you do not want cookies to track your behaviors and preferences, you may update your preferences via the help/tools/edit section of your browser. However, be aware that if you block, delete, or remove cookies from your browser, certain parts of the Services may not be available to you. For example, certain pages may not function if you delete the cookies responsible for displaying those pages. You can learn more about cookies here


Effective Date: 2021-02-22


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