Order confirmation / My order

Order confirmation

You'll receive your order confirmation within 24 hours at the email address you used to place the order. Please note that the order confirmation may end up in your spam folder. If more than 24 hours have passed and you still haven't received any confirmation, you can contact customer service and we'll help.

Here are some things to check before contacting us:

  • If you've chosen to pay with Klarna, go ahead and check Klarna's mobile app to see if anything has been registered there, or log in to Klarna via https://app.klarna.com/login.
  • Check your bank account and/ or PayPal account to confirm that the payment has been processed.

Changing an order

Unfortunately, we can't make changes to your order after it's been placed. We work to send your order out as soon as possible, so it's difficult for us to handle changes. Feel free to try contacting customer service if you need to make a change, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee we'll have time to carry it out.

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